With an eclectic history of living abroad and experience in the field of interior and product design, Studio Seven was first established in Kampala, Uganda, in 2021. It truly reflects the vibrant, quirky, joyful artisans we continue to work with and the beautiful and useful items we enjoy to showcase especially for you.

Therefore, Studio Seven is more than your average high street shop! Having transitioned back to Bedford in January 2023 after 11 years overseas, it curates a range of unique hand selected pieces from various African countries as well as those designed and commissioned by us. This means we connect consumers directly to the makers with each purchase and maintain authentic relationships with fellow entrepreneurs and artisans in places we have personally lived or worked.

There's still more - because we are so passionate about LOCAL, it would be remiss not to provide you with a wonderful range of items made locally here in Bedfordshire and the locale around us, layered with some one off classic British design pieces. The revival of mid century modern home decor and other design classics such as art deco inspired pieces, is one for the win where we are concerned!

Our mission: Design Global & Source Local

Our vision: To provide a flexible studio space where we curate, create, cultivate and celebrate the goodness of material culture and the talent of real people!